About the Artist

Jan was born and raised in Chicago, but has lived all over the US - Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Florida, South Carolina and Georgia - and has been able to see the beauty found throughout this country.  Jan has found inspiration for her paintings by traveling to countries in Central America, East and South Africa, Europe, and in the warm sunshine of the blue Caribbean.  In addition to plein air painting, her process is to take photographs and then take them back to her studio to paint.

Jan is a long-time student of Chris diDomizio (www.OldWorldArt.com) in Atlanta, and has had a lifelong love of observing beauty found in nature.  She does not limit her painting to any one particular subject, but a favorite is portrait painting.  Her passion in painting is to find the lines and colors that evoke the message, capture the mood and feeling, and then convey that on canvas.

Jan's favorite mediums are oils and pastels, and has studied watercolor painting with Dylan Scott Pierce (www.DylanPierce.com).  She also creates pottery, stained glass, and Garden Houses.  She is a lifelong musician who has sung and played her songs for people across the world, loves organic gardening and vegan cooking.

Please inquire about her art for sale.  Jan is currently taking commissions.